Celebrating Coral Healthcare Group: 2023 IABCA SME of the Year

Celebrating Coral Healthcare Group: 2023 IABCA SME of the Year

In a remarkable achievement that highlights the strengthening ties between India and Australia, Coral Healthcare Group has been awarded the prestigious title of 2023 IABCA SME of the Year. This recognition comes as a testament to their exceptional growth, dedication, and contributions to the healthcare sector. From its humble beginnings by entering the Australia market in 2017, Coral Healthcare Group has emerged as a leading provider of medical consumables, including a significant role in the supply of condoms to Australia and New Zealand.

Founding Journey:

Coral Healthcare Group embarked on a mission to provide high-quality medical consumables to hospitals and private clinics. With a vision to make a positive impact on healthcare services, the company began its operations with a small team and limited resources. However, their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction set them on a path to rapid growth and success.

Supplying Condoms:

Coral Healthcare Group's contributions extend beyond medical consumables, as they have also played a vital role in the distribution of condoms. Through their dedicated efforts, they have supplied over 35 million condoms to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Their exceptional track record in this domain led to a long-standing contract with the New Zealand government for the supply of condoms to the country. This achievement showcases their commitment to public health initiatives and their ability to forge valuable partnerships.

Partnerships and Expansion:

Coral Healthcare Group has also made significant strides in expanding its market presence. They have successfully secured a distribution partnership with Coles Supermarket, enabling their products to be available in over 640 stores nationwide. This collaboration demonstrates their ability to establish strong relationships with prominent retail chains, further enhancing their reach and accessibility to consumers.

Unprecedented Growth:

Since its inception, Coral Healthcare Group has experienced remarkable growth, consistently achieving an impressive annual growth rate of approximately 125%. Such rapid expansion is a testament to their innovative business strategies, unwavering dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional products and services.

Recognition at IABCA Awards:

The India Australia Business and Community Alliance (IABCA) has recognised Coral Healthcare Group's outstanding achievements and contributions to the India-Australia relationship. The IABCA Awards Gala, held on Wednesday, 15th February 2023, in Delhi, India, served as a platform to honor Coral Healthcare Group as the 2023 IABCA SME of the Year. This prestigious accolade reflects the company's commitment to fostering bilateral relations and driving positive change within the healthcare industry.


Coral Healthcare Group's journey from humble beginnings to becoming the 2023 IABCA SME of the Year exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and dedication. Their commitment to providing high-quality medical consumables and their significant role in the supply of condoms to Australia and New Zealand highlight their invaluable contributions to public health. As Coral Healthcare Group continues to grow and expand, it serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a shining example of the flourishing India-Australia business alliance.